Concessions in the fees

Concessions in the fees (Only for CSAT)

We honour your talent. Swatantryaveer Savarkar Training and Guidance Centre offer concessions in the fees for talented students. The only thing is you have to prove your talent in the challenging and interesting test. You have to attain the three hours test of 100 marks by paying fees Rs. 100/. Swatantryaveer Savarkar Training and Guidance Centre conduct this test. Test is with negative marking.
The score in the examination will give you the concession. You will achieve concession in percentage that is half of the marks scored in the examination.
Suppose you score 90 marks then concession is of 45% in the fees. Obviously, there is no concession applicable for zero or negative marks.
Rules regarding Concessions and exams.
  1. Swatantryaveer Savarkar Training and GuidanceCenter’s decision is considered as final decision in every respect.
  2. Exam fees are not refundable. Concessions are non- transferable.
  3. For determining the concession given, student can appear for the test only once for the specific course.
  4. At the time of admission for new course, new exam is required. That is if you obtained 10% concession for SBC-I Course, you have to attain another exam for SBC-II and so on.
  5. Concessions are valid only if student is paying fees / First installment within 10 days after examination.
  6. If fees are paid on installment then concessions are applicable for last installments. (Suppose Rs. 20,000 is the amount of concession and installment is Rs. 5000 then last four installments are not applicable.)
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